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Sinclair's Sunrise Cafe Show

Posted August 2nd, 2015

I haven't done a show at Sinclair's Sunrise Cafe for a while now, but it's time.   I'll be hanging some work there for about a month with an opening during the "First Friday Art Walk" that Kennett has.
The show is opening on Friday, August 7th during the annual "Kennett Square Murder Mystery".  You have to see this to understand it but it's a town-wide live detective event with actors playing the parts of the suspects and witnesses -- and the public plays detective interviewing them and trying to solve the mystery.
The opening information is as follows:
Entropic Remnants Photography at Sinclair's
Opening Friday, August 7th, 2015, 6PM to 9PM
Runs through September
Sinclairs Sunrise Cafe is at 127 East State Street, Kennett Square, PA 19348
The following work will be in the show and available for purchase as framed (although delivery will be after the show concludes).  You can "click through" the photos to my Flickr site where you can see slightly larger versions if you like.
One thing to note is that all of the work will be using new "glassless framing" where the actual photo is dry mounted to a 2mm poly backing and clear coated with a hard protective finish.  It is then framed without a glass cover.  This results in a photo that is very "present" to the viewer but which can easily be cleaned with micro-fiber cloths if necessary. 

Monaca, PA: Firewall
"Firewall" -- 20x30" before framing, $350.00 as framed

NVF: Proprietary Information
"Proprietary Information" -- 20x30" before framing, $350.00 as framed

AE2014: B-17's Know the Way Home
"B-17's Know the Way Home" -- 20x30" before framing, $350.00 as framed

Monaca, PA: 'Merica!
" 'Merica!" -- 18x24" before framing, $200.00 as framed

Black Lick: Conflicting Lines
"Conflicting Lines" -- 18x24" before framing, $200.00 as framed

Silent Sentinel
"Silent Sentinel" -- 18x24" (different crop than shown) before framing, $200.00 as framed

No Deposit
"No Deposit" -- 24x36" before framing, $500.00 as framed
No Return
"No Return" -- 24x36" before framing, $500.00 as framed
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